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Develop your future wipes with us!

Hygiene Solutions

To strengthen our relationship with our partners, we provide customers, raw material suppliers, and institutions access to different test stands and lab lines globally. This allows them to develop the products of tomorrow under production conditions outside a production environment.

One continuous wet wipe longitudinal folder line from the CLIPPER Series is installed at our PCMC facility in Green Bay, WI, USA, for material testing and research and development purposes. The CLIPPER consists of unwind stations, forming section, hygienic wetting system, and a rotary-pinch cutoff system.

The machine layout is designed to match the following specifications:

Cutoff unit speed: Up to 600 cuts per minute
Cutoff length range: Min. 102 mm (4") — max. 305 mm (12")
Ribbon width: Min. 76 mm (3") – max. 160 mm (6,3")
Ribbon thickness: Min. 3,3 mm (0,13") – max. 20 mm (0,79")
Fold type & format*: Modified-V – interfold/non-interfold

*Note: depending on selected range, customer may be required to purchase additional parts to meet their product specifications (e.g., folding boards)

For canister applications and embossing trials, we have a FORTE lab line at our Northern Engraving facility in Green Bay, WI, USA. The line consists of unwind stands, laminating and single-nip embosser, and a rewinder.