Envelope machine W+D BB700

W+D BB700 S2

The highly productive and flexible 16K envelope inserting systems for direct and specialty mail applications

The latest servo technology in the W+D BB700 S2 multi-format envelope inserting system ensures the seamless integration and function of every desired S2 individual module. The result is a flexible inserting system that offers maximum productivity, processing reliability and user-friendliness.

With an output of up to 16,000 envelopes per hour, regardless of the envelope format, the W+D BB700 handles all tasks with unsurpassed reliability and performance – quickly, flexibly, and intelligently.

More product videos for the BB700 S2 machine can be found in the playlist on our YouTube channel.



  • Tight packages < ¼” total clearance
  • Widest variety of feeders for coin/card affixing, notepads, stickers sheets and odd-shaped heavy booklets
  • Multiple personalization - Auto Mismatch Recovery (Patented)
  • Thick packs up to 6/10”


  • Technology focused on delivering both size flexibility and the highest net throughput
  • Higher system intelligence and operator accountability
  • Engineered for uptime

W+D BB700 S2
Inserts what others can’t

Detailed information on equipment and performance data can be found here.

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