Tissue – Fold

Tissue – Fold

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Handkerchiefs and facial tissues accompany us in life and ­fulfill our needs for hygiene and skin care. For decades, we have been setting benchmarks as a global leader in tissue handkerchief production technology. We offer the fastest and most efficient machines to convert and wrap highest-quality handkerchiefs. Our machinery portfolio also contains flexible and competitive interfolder machines, sought after by marketers of bulk and boutique quantities of interfolded tissue.

Product variations

Facial Tissue


Market leadership and turnkey solutions. From converting to packaging: fully integrated solutions.


Fastest and most efficient handkerchief convertingand packaging platform worldwide. The new VENTUS-624R is equipped throughout with automatically splicing unwinder units for all materials and is tuned for highest efficiency.


VENTUS-Flowtos, the most innovative and flexible medium-speed handkerchief production line encompassing converting, packaging, and bundle- wrapping. Featuring patented highly flexible single-pack flow-wrap technology.


For facial tissues the new VENTUS-TI interfolder is the right solution. High flexibility, and easy changeover and cleaning allow maximum efficiency to produce facial tissue products.


This solution is for high-capacity facial tissue applications. The machine works from single unwinds matching the number of sheets in the pack and folds them longitudinally. The profile saw cuts the endless ribbon into the required sheet length.