Produce sustainable mailing bags with the paper professionals

Enable new ways for e-commerce shipping: absolutely efficient - with W+D

Produce sustainable, reusable paper mailing bags - specially developed for the needs of online retail.

With a W+D 449 E-COMMERCE machine from Winkler+Dünnebier (W+D), you are ideally positioned. W+D has been established in the envelope and mail industry for 110 years, and can offer profound expertise in paper processing. As a leading global technology, system solution and service partner in mechanical engineering, W+D is your partner for e-commerce shipping thanks to wide-ranging expertise in all relevant production processes.

Invest in the future and meet tomorrow's sustainable product and production needs. We'll keep you updated with the latest details on the machine and the market launch.

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Paper mailing bags – the best way

mailing bags

Environmentally-friendly packaging made from recyclable materials for a better world. Say goodbye to plastic shipping bags and hello to the best alternative.

A more attractive
brand experience

A high-quality impression across the entire customer journey: an appealing paper feel and effective branding opportunities.

Efficient packing
and shipping

Very fast filling, packing and sealing. Easy to open and return. Low transport volume compared to cardboard boxes.

The best solution to produce mailing bags –
the new W+D 449 E-COMMERCE

Mailing bag key facts

Specially developed for approx. 80 % of e-commerce shipments.

  • Up to 2 peel & seal stripes for single and dual-use
  • Fingerlift for fast sealing process
  • Tear strip with different perforation shapes

Mailing bag formats

A wide range of production options from one machine: with or without side gussets, cross bottom or zero waste - in different formats and flexible in both material and grammage.

Standard mailing bag

Min. 229 mm (9 in) – max. 380 mm (14,9 in)
Min. 305 mm (12 in) – max. 480 mm (18,9 in)

Cross bottom mailing bag

Min. 229 mm (9 in) – max. 380 mm (14,9 in)
Min. 305 mm (12 in) – max. 480 mm (18,9 in)

Mailing bag with gusset

Min. 229 mm (9 in) – max. 380 mm (14,9 in)
Min. 305 mm (12 in) – max. 480 mm (18,9 in)
Gusset (open)
Max. 80 mm (31/8  in)

Zero waste mailing bag

Min. 229 mm (9 in) – max. 380 mm (14,9 in)
Min. 305 mm (12 in)  – max. 480 mm (18,9 in)
Gusset (open)
Max. 80 mm (31/8 in)

Best performance –
for economical production

With the W+D 449 E-COMMERCE, W+D is building the fastest solution for the complete production of high-quality paper mailing bags. W+D's extensive experience in paper processing makes the difference - noticeable in every detail. Different extension stages and a variety of production options, each involving just one pass, which allows maximum flexibility and productivity.

  • All-in-one process – from the paper roll to the finished mailing bag
  • Maximum speed – up to 300 mailing bags per minute
  • Options for Splicer and Bundle Stacker allows highest performance
  • Various cut and mailing bag shapes
  • Produce a wide range of paper types and weights ranging from 90 – 200 GSM
  • 1–4-color flexo printing available
  • Production process for high-quality mailing bags, e.g. web tension control
  • Applicator for 2 peel & seal strips and 1 tear strip in a single inline process
  • Application of peel & seal and tear strip at the end of the process
  • Variety of tear strip perforation shapes
  • Format-independent cutting sections
  • Few format parts required
  • Nearly all – toolless format change
  • Job settings save options for faster repeat jobs
  • Central operation via moveable HMI with fine adjustment options during operation
  • Open design for easily visible production process
  • Low-noise production operation
  • Robust 24/7 W+D design

Sneak peek

The next milestone towards the market launch of the W+D 449 E-COMMERCE is reached. The brand new machine is running. Watch the sneak peek video and get first insights.

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