Employee operates modern envelope machine

Envelope converting –performance and efficiency with modern ease of use


W+D envelope and e-commerce mailing/package machines - the optimal production system for every application. Regardless of whether it is a high-volume or short runs, small envelopes, or large envelopes, transactional or direct mail - our vast portfolio envelope letter mail machines solutions will address all of your envelope needs. New light packaging and e commerce solutions now leverage our experience in high-speed paper based converting for light weight envelope packaging and e commerce packaging. 

Our Applications

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing allows businesses to focus on the sensory experience of their customers.

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For information with important and personal content, physical mailing is still most preferred by customers and has one of the most secure means of delivery.

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Light e-commerce mailer/ packaging

With most of the world using e-commerce to buy and sell products, cost effective, sustainable mailing and shipping solutions to keep products safe during transit is key to customer satisfaction.

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Specialty packaged products

The demand for special products with unique requirements is growing. Regardless of whether special materials or unusual filling of goods, our expertise in high-speed folding, cutting, windowing, foiling, die-cutting, embossing, printing and inserting of paper and synthetic paper-like products is where we excel.

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