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Feminine Care

For us, efficiency and flexibility are more than product features – especially when it comes to monthly hygiene products for women and girls. The production flow of our modular machines is designed for high speed and maximum reliability. They cover a complete product range from ultra-thin panty liners to thick night sanitary napkins with high performance, and are even combinable on one machine. Take advantage of the economical manufacturing process and offer your customers maximum comfort and the best fit, according to their individual specifications.

Whether you need thick, flat, wrapped or unwrapped results, with W+D you produce feminine hygiene products in outstanding quality.

Product variations

Sanitary Napkin

Panty Liner

Modern Products enhance by Multiple Wrapping Options

  • Full Range from Ultrathin Pantyliner to Thick Overnight Napkin
  • Variety of Solutions e. g. Flat, Folded, Wrapped and Non-wrapped Products
  • Customized Product Features
  • Comfort and Fit Product Features as per latest Market Trends
  • Machine Option to combine Pantyliners and Sanitary Napkins