Adult Care – Heavy Inco

Adult Care – Heavy Inco
AURA Series

Produce the best adult care
for heavy inco

Adult diapers, pants, and bed underpads make the lives of ­caregivers and patients easier and more independent. The variety of products requires tailor-made converting ­machinery. Our knowledge and close customer relations allow us to present the right solution to ensure a competitive, reliable, and cost-effective production setup.

Product variations

Adult Diaper

Adult Pants


Economical products for institutional sale, or sophisticated designs for direct-to-consumer markets

  • Variety of core designs and core features
  • Specific adult incontinence processes
  • Sturdy, reliable machine design
  • Predesigned choice of competitive options
  • Option to combine open diapers and pants or shaped pads

AURA-AD (adult diaper)

Shapes: Traditional / T-shape / shaped or rectangular ears / belts

  • Prefolding and sealing of ears/belts
  • Wide size range with minimized physical size-part changes
  • Unique S2S module for size change within two hours
  • Option shaped pads

AURA-AP (adult pants)

Lycra nonwoven waistbands

  • High-precision ultrasonic waistband bonding
  • S2S quick-change concept

AURA-UP (underpad)

Suitable for adult bedpads

  • Also suitable for baby change or puppy pads

Get an insight into the process here: watch the video about the AURA-series.