Pocketmachine 341 C

W+D 341

The ultimate high performance production system for larger size envelopes and pockets

The W+D 341 is the ultimate production system – equipped with the newest servo-technology. It is the ideal replacement option for envelope manufacturers committed to improving the productivity and profitability of producing large-size envelopes and pockets. The W+D 341 is suitable for direct-mail products and in particular for large size pockets for e-commerce.


  • Production speeds up to 600 envelopes per minute
  • Ideal for processing difficult paper qualities and thicker paper stocks
  • EasyCut® magnetic cylinder technology for quick format changes
  • Remote touch-screen operating terminal for easy control of the machine by the operator


  • High productivity ensures low cost per piece.
  • Servo technology reduces set up time and allows saving of jobs set up information for repeat orders.
  • Suited for envelopes and mailing pockets made of thick paper, which are also becoming increasingly interesting for online mailers.

W+D 341
The ultimate production system

Detailed information on equipment and performance data can be found here.

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