Envelope machine W+D BB820

W+D BB820 and BB820+

20k fully servo driven inserting systems for the highest productivity and integrity and now with our widest format range

BB820 / enhanced performance and net output at highest integrity
Efficient. Intelligent. Secure. The high-performance W+D BB820 insertion system reliably inserts up to 20,000 pcs/h with even the most challenging inserts into a wide range of outer envelopes from a US #7 (3 ¾“ x 6 ¾“), up to a 6 ½“ x 11 ½“, European sizes from C6 to C5. The patented Auto Mismatch Recovery means one can process multiple personalized inserts with minimal manual interventions and therefore achieve the highest net output and security for the most demanding jobs. The W+D BB820 boasts full modularity to ensure quick and easy interchangeability of different feeder types within the W+D inserter platforms and to easily adapt to future requirements.

Now the W+D BB820+ / the new flagship
With up to 20,000 pcs/h the W+D BB820+ now merges the speed and performance, improved product control, consistency, intelligence and integrity of the W+D BB820 with the size range not only matching but even exceeding the one of the W+D BB700. The W+D BB820+ will handle envelopes up to a 10 x 13”, European B4, with a package thickness of up to 15 mm or ⁶/₁₀”.

W+D BB820+ comes with the new RF4 rotary feeder for consistent feeding at increased speeds with enhanced size range and a new insertion module with

  • an additional servo axis for flexible, size dependent individual motion control of collating track, envelope gripper transport, insert pusher assembly and vacuum supported envelope opening bar and insert finger control with dedicated digital cams, meaning motion profiles optimized for each of the different envelope sizes.
  • a new envelope stopper and exit belt assembly supporting the enhanced size range with Autoset functionality.

More product videos for the W+D BB820 machine can be found in the playlist on our YouTube channel.



  • 20 k performance with highest net output
  • multi format capability – W+D BB820+ with 15 mm, 6/10” thickness
  • tight packages with total ¼” side clearance and handles TED-C’s
  • modular with wide range of feeders
  • Auto Mismatch Recovery for multi personalized applications


  • largest sweet spot - both high speed but also reliably serving challenging applications
  • easy to learn and operate with intuitive HMI and perfect accessibility
  • fast to set up and change over with completely tool free and several Autoset features
  • low wear and extended maintenance cycles for low cost of ownership

W+D BB820 and W+D BB820+
When higher net outputs and performance integrity matter

Detailed information on equipment and performance data can be found here.

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