Envelope machine W+D BB550 XL

W+D BB550 XL

Large Envelope inserter

The expanded format spectrum and the processing of packaging thicknesses up to 1” are the main features of the W+D BB550 XL larger envelope inserting system. The servo-driven machine does not only process all formats from C6/DL and B4, but also large “flats” booklets, and open-end envelopes with a larger insertion depth up to C4 shipping pockets with the flap on the short side.

The W+D BB550 XL is thus a highly efficient and flexible inserting system that meets all requirements. In addition, the W+D BB550 XL easily handles cardboard and express envelopes (FedEx, UPS, etc.) and can be equipped with hot glue to close the flaps.

More product videos for the BB550 XL machine can be found in the playlist on our YouTube channel.



  • Mechanical performance: 12,000 envelopes per hour
  • Product thickness: 0.040”-0.40” (1-10 mm) for the catalog feeder variable
  • Total product thickness max. 1“ (25 mm)


  • Extremely high net productivity when processing C4, C5 and DL standard formats
  • Minimal downtime during changeover, less than 10 minutes
  • Processability of low quality enclosures
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs

W+D BB550 XL
One System for Various Formats

Detailed information on equipment and performance data can be found here.

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