Envelope and pocket machine W+D 326 BC

W+D 326

A wide range production system for envelope and pockets

The W+D 326 provides the widest range of products and sizes from envelopes up to large pockets and booklets. Using the complete-cut-technology, the W+D 326 will accept square blanks to eliminate off press die cutting. Multiple window patching as well as different seal-flap gumming is also possible. Inboard 2/1 flexo printing allows this envelope machine to handle a wide range of white paper printing as well as preprinted envelope jobs.


More product videos for the 326 machine can be found in the playlist on our YouTube channel.



  • Production speeds up to 500 envelopes per minute
  • Envelopes with diamond or commercial shape as well as booklets including large flats
  • Pockets with center or side seam gumming


  • Use of EasyCut® magnet cylinder technology
  • Compact and ergonomic design with integrated control cabinet
  • Real-time remote diagnostic support

W+D 326 BC
The universal production system

Detailed information on equipment and performance data can be found here.

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