W+D Halm i-Jet 2

The fastest 4c short- to mid-size run inkjet corporate identity overprinting

The W+D Halm i-Jet, the world’s fastest 4+ color production class inkjet envelope and corporate graphics overprint press, was awarded a "Must See’ems" at the PRINT17 show and also Best of Category by the judging committees based on innovation, ease of use, throughput and competitive advantage. In the meantime, W+D has sold over 35 Halm i-Jet systems.

Simply said, the W+D Halm i-jet allows you to get more short-run work finished faster, less expensive, with the highest inkjet print quality and with less people.


  • 32,000 #10 envelopes per hour output – robust production class feeding, transport inkjet printing and delivery system.
  • High resolution 1600 x 1375 dpi image resolution at fastest press speeds for both ultra-sharp static corner-cut envelope printing or complex variable image and data production on standard white wove uncoated envelope papers or other uncoated or matte coated papers.
  • Non-contact inkjet printing eliminates seam or seal flap lines and allows for overprinting of new texturized papers.
  • Significantly reduced set up time when compared to offset set up time for 1 to 4 color line and process work
  • Twice the production output of your existing 2 and 4 color Halm offset overprint presses.
  • Use much lower cost non-heat resistant window film with inkjet when compared to toner based systems.
  • No offset plates, blanket, press solutions or lengthy press washups or Change overs.
  • Reduced overall press operating costs compared to offset corner-cut work on short to medium size runs.
  • 4 individual CMYK+ production class Memjet inkjet print heads plus an optional 5th spot color capability.
  • Significantly lower total operating and maintenance costs than Desktop Memjet inkjet systems.
  • Fast change, easy set up dual Halm feeder system allows to change quickly between large and small envelopes and other substrates.
  • Nearly zero set up waste for 1 to 4 color line and process work.
  • Inkjet press operator does not need any previous printer experience to produce commercially sellable products.
  • Feeder can accommodate from .004” Minimum to .032” Maximum paper thickness

Advantages of W+D Halm i-Jet over tabletop Memjet models:

  • 10X higher net output
  • 35% lower ink cost per/M
  • 5X lower jetter cost per/M
  • Memjet production class design
  • Individual CMYK jetters
  • 4-color + 5th-color Option
  • Larger format size range
  • More printed, better quality at less cost with fewer people
  • 90% more environmentally friendly than Offset as no chemicals are needed for cleaning