W+D 202 RE

The ultimate system for high volume production of stationary, transactional and direct mail envelopes

The W+D 202 RE has been completely re-thought and engineered to be the ideal replacement option for envelope manufacturers committed to improving the productivity and profitability of their high volume production. With unmatched speed and the powerful option of installing our W+D 201 CI expanded color flexo press in-line, the W+D 202 RE is the most productive, fastest-change-over, high-volume production system for stationary, transactional, and direct mail envelopes in the world. 


  • Production speeds up to 1.600 envelopes per minute
  • 4c process in-line flexo printing capability (W+D 201 series)
  • Straight seal flap and inserting style envelope
  • Single or multiple window Inner and outer side flap
  • All types of seal gumming: Seal flaps with remoisten-able and self-seal gumming, pressure sensitive gumming (hot melt)
  • New servo drive control platform
  • New high-speed patching unit
  • Optional  magnetic cylinder, Easy-Cut flex dies 


  • Fastest  true web envelope machine
  • Highest net-production envelope machine
  • Superior product quality
  • 30 % reduction in size change parts
  • Over 50% more energy efficient IR drying
  • Reduced operator complexity
  • Highest safety features of any envelope machine
  • Configurable with W+D 201 CI advanced flexo press 
  • Real- time remote diagnostic support

Additional Modules:

W+D 201, W+D 120 / 190 / 191, W+D 910, W+D 914.