W+D 201

Scalable flexo printing machine designed for highest quality and flexibility requirements

Modern machine design and technology is the basis for the achievement of superior flexographic print quality, operator skill simplification and maximum print productivity. The products – printed on the W+D 201 – easily achieve an award-winning quality! Beginning with precise push button print impression controls to automated impression refinement based on press speed, the W+D 201 offers real operator skill simplification and the best printing consistency in the envelope market. Not to mention the reduction in print waste due to the precise auto setting and control features new in the W+D 201. Complementing ease of use and print accuracy, the W+D 201 has the shortest change over time of any W+D flexo machine with new automated, motorized and tool-less engineered approaches.


  • Flexo printing on uncoated and coated papers
  • As standard for water inks and water based varnish
  • Printing width up to 380 mm
  • Web speed up to 480 m/min
  • For in-line use on reel-fed machines: W+D 102 RE, W+D 202 RE and W+D 627
  • Suitable for register and multiple color process printing (W+D 201 Ci)
  • Inside and outside printing possible with each printing unit (W+D 201 St)


  • High printing quality, short change times, less size parts, flexible operation, high operator convenience
  • Plate cylinder in sleeve design
  • Format change without tools (Cantilever-system)
  • Large screen roller diameter for an optimum filling of the cells and ink transfer at high machine speeds
  • Easy access to print units
  • High register accuracy by means of a precise servo drive system
  • Speed dynamic setting of printing pressure
  • Compact footprint