W+D 191

Splicer for paper, window material and silicone paper

In addition to our envelope production systems we also offer systems for unwinding and splicing of production materials such as paper, window material and silicone paper. The W+D 190 and the W+D 191 enable our envelope production machines W+D 102 RE, W+D 202 RE and W+D 628 RC to produce non-stop. The splicing is done during the production process.

This guarantees highest productivity and efficiency.


  • Automatic change from empty to new reel, also at maximum machine speed
  • Operator panel
  • Controlled decurler dependent on paper reel diame ter W+D 191 (optional)
  • Device for register accurate adhesion of pre-printed paper reels on W+D 191 (optional)
  • Air cushion trolley for easy transport and effortless moving of paper reels onto the winding core W+D 191 (optional)


  • Non-stop envelope production run
  • No down time as well as reduced wastage during the reel change
  • Simple and safe operation and handling
  • Precise and controlled unwind of the reel
  • Constant web tension, individually adjustable
  • Ergonomically favourable loading height for a simple reel change