Flexible document solutions

Closed Loop Integrated Processing (CLIP)

Closed Loop Integrated Processing (CLIP)

Most modern Inserting systems, at least in the transactional environment, operate at a high level of integrity.

But unless you want to go all the way and invest in an expensive full-scale ADF solution, what tools are available to support you in professionalizing your job management, i.e. provide the required level of output integrity, increase your efficiency by automated reprint file creation and raise the level of transparency of your production?

With CLIP, W+D now offers a very lean sw-solution that allows you to handle job files between your system and a W+D inserter via shared folder in your IT infrastructure and facilitates

  • Reprint file creation
  • Duplicate document detection
  • Duplicate job detection
  • Sequence verification
  • Manual reconciliation
  • File-based processing