W+D 624.03

Four-lane high-speed handkerchief machine

The W+D 624.03 is the first choice for high-speed mass production of handkerchiefs for the mass market. The machine is designed to meet the needs of the global player. The W+D 624.03 is the world‘s most productive high-performance handkerchief machine. W+D, producing reliable machines and offering worldwide service.


  • Two-, three-, or four-ply tissue
  • 8,500 Sheets / 850 handkerchief packages per minute
  • Lane widths of 800 to 880 mm
  • Star-type and autosplice unwinders
  • Modular design of mechanical and electrical systems
  • Servo drive technology
  • High operator convenience, easy maintenance
  • High flexibility during standard/pocket size changes
  • Fast changing of number of handkerchiefs per pile
  • Maximum reliability of production processes
  • CE certified


  • The modular design provides high flexibility to additional applications
  • More efficiency and minimum stop times thanks to fast reel changes
  • Accurate control system thanks to the modular machine design
  • High machine flexibility thanks to modular machine design
  • Electronic register adjustment with the W+D software during operation
  • Accurate and consistent production output thanks to the robust machine construction and precision servo technology