W+D North America announces the sale of first 410 Easy Enveloper in Northeast to DS Graphics of Lowell, MA

Lenexa, KS, USA - W+D North America Inc. announces the sale of the first W+D 410 Easy Enveloper in the Northeast to DS Graphics of Lowell, MA.  The W+D 410 Easy Enveloper offers complete size change overs in under 30 minutes for popular envelope sizes on uncoated or coated stocks at speeds of 500 envelopes per minute as well as the ability to convert envelopes with trailing edge shapes at USPS automation rates per the USPS Pilot Program (six currently approved shapes).  The 410 Easy Enveloper also embraces new “drier chain run out” and “complete cut” technology that makes conversion of digital printed sheets a reality without unacceptable waste factors or traditional high die cutting.


According to Jeff Pallis, President of DS Graphics, “the W+D 410 Easy Enveloper promises to accelerate our time to mailbox from week(s) to just days without the costs and headaches of additional freight and, of course, now any trim waste remains with us so we can also be more cost effective for our customers.” 


Furthermore, states Joel White, Executive Vice President of Operations, “we can now control all the inputs for downstream inserter efficiency – seal flap shape, throat depth, side seam width – the W+D 410 Easy Enveloper will work great in combination with our W+D BB700 inserter which we know can process shape cut envelopes at 16,000 cycles per hour.”