W+D 910

Automatic packing of envelopes and pockets

The W+D 910 packs envelopes and pockets in a wrap-around-procedure.


  • The W+D 910 automatic packer can be ordered for envelopes and pockets for left- and right-hand-side operation. There are three versions available for seamless process integration:
  • Type 910 NL for Type W+D 102 RE
  • Type 910 NR for Type W+D 202 RE
  • Type 910 WR for Type W+D 249


  • The best addition to an envelope machine for increased productivity and economy
  • Protected products through secure packaging in hinged lid or four flap cases
  • Flexibility through quick changeover from automatic to manual packing
  • Quick change of box types and formats
  • Non-stop refilling of box blanks and box dividers