Before nothing works anymore: The W+D Control Panel Replacement

Over the course of time, machine control panels perform less efficiently. Unfortunately, components are discontinued and therefore no longer available.

Our new Modernization Program department has developed for EXOR control panels with Profibus connection a 100% replacement for the W+D systems of our customers. The modular design of the panel including display and keyboard enables our customers to replace individual components themselves also in the future.

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SLC Smart Upgrade

In the course of technical interface progress, some components for the machine control system in W+D machines, such as modules and communication cards, are no longer available. Our suppliers have either discontinued their production or replaced them with other components that are not 1:1 compatible with existing hardware.

This applies to the Rockwell Automation SLC 500 PLC system installed in older W+D 102, W+D 202, W+D 326, W+D 341, W+D 349, W+D 627 and Classic machine types as well as to W+D 191 and the TetraFlex printing tower PLC system.

Of course, we have also developed solutions for this. Depending on the type and age of your machine, we are able to offer you various levels of an SLC Upgrade.

In order to maintain your system’s productivity into the future and to prevent possible failures due to machine control errors, we recommend a timely SLC Smart Upgrade.


Your advantages:

  • Modernization of the PLC system and easy replacement of future discontinued components (modular)
  • Conversion of network structure to modern Ethernet, integrating the connection to the W+D Expert Online for quick troubleshooting with remote access
  • Possible control panel (HMI) replacement with a modern Expert Online-capable HMI for better error analysis support with W+D Remote Support


Our technology department would be glad to provide you with a quote for an SLC Smart Upgrade tailored to your W+D machine. Please contact your W+D representative.

W+D Single-Step Upgrade

Modernize Your Envelope Production Machines with DIAX03 Servo Drives

With this service product, we now make it much easier for you to replace your DIAX03 servo drives for which the manufacturer no longer offers service. Thanks to the excellent groundwork our software developers have done, you can run all of your current drives with the latest servo drive technology IndraDrive after having basic upgrade work done, which also includes a new control cabinet. This means you can prevent surprising downtime with your machines and plan to go ahead with modernization, which takes about two weeks, when it best suits your operations.

Your Advantages

  • Modernization is more cost-effective than gradual, multi-step upgrade
  • You can plan the upgrade timeframe in advance and have it done when you have less work


Modernization with IndraDrive

New servo drives avoid downtime

Outdated drives represent an acute production risk because replacement parts are often no longer in stock. This can cause unnecessarily long machine downtimes that can be prevented by having a W+D Single or Multi-Step Upgrade performed.

Take advantage of our new offer:

After a brief conversation, we will provide you with an offer that is tailored to your machine or application with the help of a specially designed calculator within only a very short period of time. By making a direct comparison between the Single and the Multi-Step Upgrade, you can obtain an overview of the cost benefits and the required installation periods and select the measures feasible for your business activities.

W+D Drive Kit

No more suitable drive modules or PIV gearboxes are available as spare parts for W+D envelope machines that don’t have servo drives. In the event that a replacement part is needed for one of these machines, W+D now offers innovative tiered solutions in the form of modules from the W+D Drive Kit:

  • With the Drive Kit Basic, you will be able to replace the old main drive motor quickly, easily and cost effectively.
  • The Drive Kits Medium and Extended also include one or more pulling units driven by servomotors and a separate upgradeable drive control.

With the help of these modules you can gradually switch your system over to servo drives and thus not only extend its service life, but also increase the value of your investment.

Extremely easy and cost-effective expansion to include additional servo-driven stations is thus possible

Replacement of outdated Industrial PC

Industrial PCs from Innoscan, B&R and Beckhoff were used in older W+D systems. These products are no longer being manufactured. Therefore, it is impossible to repair the devices that we supplied you with. Furthermore, the installed visualization software is based on the operating system Win 98 and is thus incompatible with today’s operating systems.

To ensure that you are able to react quickly in case of a system failure, W+D offers preconfigured emergency applications. With the standard software included, you can seamlessly continue with production. The installation of custom-configured operating software and the associated software change in the PLC can be performed by a W+D Service technician.

Through preventive replacement, you can avoid unplanned production losses and even save 20% on the costs of purchase. For this reason, W+D has been selling only machines that have the new visualization system since 2004. The replacement package we offer consists of the graphic display terminal and the corresponding software for PC-based W+D visualization systems for the envelope machines W+D 341, W+D 627 and W+D 349.