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White paper concept

White Paper Concept

In direct mail digital full color print of content and the envelope creates a new level of personalization aimed at more targeted and attractive mailings and consistently higher response rates.

For transactional users, whether you are a corporate mailer or a service bureau, 4-C print on the roll and envelope can be equally interesting, even if for completely different reasons.

The White Paper Concept, i.e.

Printing of statements in full color on a white roll or stock rather than onto preprinted letter heads and inserting into blank white envelopes, individualized in line with the inserter rather than stuffing preprinted envelopes allow:

  • Substantial efficiency gains as frequent change overs are eliminated, the more valid the smaller your average job size, highest probably for reprints
  • Cost savings in procurement, storage and handling of multiple input forms and envelopes,
  • Postage optimization when comingling multiple jobs in one run

For its W+D BB700 platform, W+D has developed a unique solution for White Paper applications, that is different for the followng reason:


  • Printing on the empty envelope – thus you avoid issues with varying thicknesses – and it provides the and consistent print quality
  • Highest coverage of both D/L and C5 (#10 and 6 x91/2”) envelopes because a 220 mm or 8,66” print head is usd
  • Coverage of not only the envelope front, but also the envelope seal flap!