Direct Marketing solutions



One of the features that W+D BB300 or W+D BB700 users appreciate about their W+D inserters is their unmatched versatility, that they can be – plug and play – configured to suit almost any application.


Common requirements include inline attaching of loyalty cards, coupons, sachets or coins. W+D BB300’s and W+D BB700’s can easily be configured with a Pick+Place feeder, commonly in combination with a hot melt glue unit to affix the card or coin.

If personalized, cameras will match the card and address carrier. In case coupons are not personalized but serially numbered the system can “read and merge” mail piece ID and serial number and thus provide a database that assigns the coupon to a recipient.

A turnover module completes the Pick+Place options in case the mail piece needs to be turned face down for inserting after it has been affixed.