Direct Marketing solutions

1:1 4-color envelope personalization

1:1 4-color envelope personalization

The impact of a direct mailing is largely determined by the level of personalization.

Today’s print technology allows you to personalize a mailing not just with the name and address – digital full color printers allow the creation of highly targeted mailings with 1:1 personalized content including graphics.

The industry is now developing solutions to transfer the technology to the envelope as well to offer not only the name and address but also individual messages and graphics on the envelope in a 1:1 approach.

W+D, with its TIprint 4dL, currenly offers the most advanced inline print solution for 4C personalization of envelopes as it provides


  • Highest and consistent print quality - as printing on the empty envelope
  • Full print coverage for D/L and C5 (#10 and 6x9”) envelopes
  • Print coverage of the envelope front and seal flap