Standard envelopes

Standard envelopes

As envelope experts, we distinguish between envelopes and pockets. And yes, you can even produce both types on one and the same machine.

Whereas envelopes require different cuts (diamond, booklet, with or without windows), pockets differ in terms of how they are folded (mid seam, right or left seam).


Check out the different envelope styles:

Envelope Styles

The Booklet is the format with the lowest rate of waste when produced from a rectangular sheet and cut inline
The inserting-style envelope is particularly suitable for automatic inserting
Commercial-style envelopes are popular for transactional letters in the USA.
The diamond-style envelope is the classical envelope with the lowest rate of waste when produced from a pre-cut sheet.

Envelope Seal Styles

Remoistenable gumming is the most common way of seal flap gumming. Suitable for automatic inserting.
Hot-melt pressure sensitive gumming with a silicone stripe. Used for single inserting.
Self-seal gumming with back-folded seal-flap. Latex glue sticks as soon as the adhesive surfaces meet.
Self-seal gumming with open seal-flap to avoid premature sticking.

Pocket Styles

The side seam right hand side is a standard pocket mainly used in Europe, depending partly on the machine concept.
The Center seam is a standard pocket.
The side seam left hand side is mainly used in Asia, depending partly on the machine concept.