Empowering The Envelope

At W+D, our vision is to capitalize on the importance and proven value of the envelope by further leveraging the potential of personalization and one-to-one marketing, and by achieving a Time-to-Mailbox that is competitive with electronic communication. In fact, at W+D, we live and breathe the envelope – it is our passion and our lifeblood.

And we strongly believe in its future. In the digital age of exponentially growing advertising messages, the envelope, more than ever, will become the medium of choice for delivering high-quality communications with highly targeted campaigns.

W+D is the only technology and systems solution partner for the mail industry and the postal sector along the entire mail value chain. W+D is offering game-changing mailing solutions for marketers and agencies that want to conduct successful direct mail campaigns. In a nutshell, W+D Mail Solutions is laying the foundations for the future success of the postal industry.