He has no idea of
ultrasonic bonding.

He just feels comfortable.

Baby Care

Baby’s well-being requires perfect, soft and safe products. W+D BICMA baby diaper machines will enable you to deliver such products to your markets. Whether an open diaper, a pull-up pant or a bed pad ─ we provide the fitting technology, e.g. highly versatile baby diaper production lines for emerging markets and fully customized lines for market-leading specialists.



Baby Diaper

Baby Pants

Change Pad

Compact Machine Design meets
High Process Flexibility

  • Variety of Core Designs and Core Features
  • Variety of Diaper Shapes (Traditional, T-Shape, Anatomical Side Panels, Pants)
  • Customized Product Features
  • Comfort and Fit Product Features as per latest Market Trends
  • Machine Option to combine open Diapers and Pants