Baby Care

Baby Care
NUBIS Series

Produce the best
baby care

Whether you produce open diapers, pants, or baby change pads, W+D has the right technology for you: from highly flexible baby diaper production lines for growth markets to customized top-speed lines for market leaders.

Meet the dynamic demands of the market with our flexible and highly efficient production lines. Disposable inserts for hybrid diapers or booster pads that extend the wearing time of disposable diapers represent new sustainable solutions — but they increase the complexity of production. This complexity can be considerably reduced with our modular machines and flexible upgrade kits.

Product variations

Baby Diaper

Baby Pants

Change Pad

Compact machine design meets
high process flexibility

  • Variety of core designs and core features
  • Predesigned choice of competitive options
  • Customized product features
  • Machine option to combine open diapers and pants

NUBIS-BD (open baby diaper)

Shapes: Traditional / T-shape / low-waste ears / zero-waste ears

  • Wide size range with minimized physical size-part changes
  • Optional booster pad

NUBIS-BP (baby pants)

Lycra nonwoven waistbands

  • High-precision ultrasonic waistband bonding
  • S2S quick-change concept