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Quel que soit votre besoin en machines pour les solutions enveloppes ou postale, W+D a toujours la bonne solution à vous offrir.

Notre large portefeuille de machines couvre l'ensemble des exigences - des systèmes pour la production d'enveloppes à la mise sous plis en passant par l'impression des pochettes.

En tant que constructeur de machines, nous souhaitons inspirer nos clients à des nouvelles possibilités de produits pouvant être réalisées avec nos systèmes.



Customized direct mailings with low postage costs

Our new product ENVacard™ offers envelope producers another option to create new products for the mail stream from their existing blank fed and web fed W+D envelope machines. The ENVacard™ has the look and feel of a traditional postcard but with many new marketing features. What makes the ENVacard™ new and of interest to both producers and marketers:


  • The printed ENVacard™ product can be produced on most high-speed blank fed W+D envelope machine models like the 320, 326, 410 and 627 and include ALL special creative attributes like foil (through the patch applicator), perforations (through the flex die), and windowing in one single production workflow.
  • The ENVacard™ in the US, conforms to the special reduced postage rate classifications for first-class post cards (up to 4-1/4 x 6) and meets automation requirements for letter rates on cards larger than 4-1/4 x 6
  • ENVacard™ offers a wide range of design possibilities. The windows can be produced with transparent materials or metallized papers and with tear away perforations and creative shape cuts – all are possible for an ENVacard™ – even consider adding a NFC tag now that Apple has opened up their API’s (additional equipment modifications required – ask your W+D account representative). ENVacard™ is an excellent way to capture the receiver’s attention and provide optional recipient personalization inside and outside (known to boost response rates) while expanding the utility of the modern complete cut W+D folding machine.
  • The ENVacard™ enables the possibility to personally design your mailing while preventing all personal data from being seen as is the case with a two-sided traditional postcard.  The information only become visible when the receiver of the ENVacard opens the mailing.
  • The ENVacard™ with a 6 x 9-1/2 trailing edge poker chip shape was just approved by the USPS for automation rates as part of the USPS Pilot Program for trailing edge shapes – it is your choice whether to keep the copy as poker chips but the shape must be the same as the approval. In return for acceptance into the USPS Pilot Program, the mailer needs to inform the USPS of the date, quantity and location of the ENVacard™ mailing.
  • An ENVacard™ kit is available to make both the maximum First-Class Postcard size (4-1/4 x 6) and up to the maximum letter size (depending upon machine capability/configuration) of 6-1/8 x 11-1/2.


*Production of the ENVacard™ on high speed web equipment requires the investment in an extrusion gumming manifold going across the web or the addition of a rotary back flap gum box so that the top of the card can be effectively sealed together with the side edges.

USPS Irresistible Mail™ Contest 4th Quarter Mailing of 20,000 Pieces Uses New Trophy Shape-Cut Envelope

The USPS “Irresistible Mail™” quarterly contest reminder mailed on March 10th, 2017 used a trophy shape on the trailing edge of the outer envelope mail piece.  W+D North America (Lenexa, KS) and ANRO Inc. (West Chester, PA) were thrilled to deliver on the challenge of developing a physical mail piece that would both “stand out” and meet all USPS automation requirements.  ANRO lead the creative for the 6 x 9-1/2 outer envelope with a novel trailing edge “trophy” shape and a “blueprint for victory” coffee scented inspirational insert. 


The envelopes were then converted on the new W+D 410 Easy Enveloper, a machine featuring W+D’s complete cut flex die system enabling the matching trophy shape on the face and back panel while keeping within the critical height-aspect ratios and paper tolerances needed for postal automation and inline patch foiling that gives the look of hot stamped foil at only 10% of the cost.  The USPS Pricing & Classification Service Center “determined that the pieces are automation compatible” per case letter #82489.


The 20,000 piece mailing entered the mail stream on March 10th with three outer envelope conditions: silver foil leaves, gold foil leaves and printed leaves with a poly window. To request an Irresistible Mail™ final quarter 6 x 9-1/2 booklet sample with the trailing edge trophy and coffee scented insert please reach out to Brook Spaulding, W+D North America (+1 913-563-8718 cell or or Carlyle Bauer (+1 610-235-0298).