Foil changes – easily, precisely and comfortably. The W+D Foilsplicer allows for automatic roll changes of the packaging foil for handkerchief single packs. The change of the empty to the new foil roll can always be prepared between the automatic switching operations. The fully automatic changing operation takes place at maximum production speed. Modern servo technology ensures constant web tension and register-precise role changes. In short, production can be operated nonstop. By using the foil roll effectively from the beginning to the end, foil waste is reduced to a minimum.

Performance features

  • Splicing at a max. production speed of 460 individual packets/min. with W+D Flowtos
  • Identifying and expelling the splice position
  • Can be retrofitted on all previously installed W+D Flowtos systems
  • Register-exact splice
  • Tape and/or heat splice available


  • Increases the efficiency of the whole production system by up to 6%
  • Relieves operating personnel by allowing for predictable preparation of roll changes
  • Reduces waste by making optimal use of the rolls from start to finish