Flexo printing in offset quality on uncoated paper thanks to ceramic anilox

Who doesn't know how challenging printing both fine screens and rich surfaces with a single printing unit can be in flexo printing? What used to take two different anilox rollers and two printing units now only needs one anilox roller in one printing unit. This is made possible by the new generation of ceramic anilox rollers, which now also enables printing on surface and screen combinations on uncoated papers.


A special cell geometry allows for optimal transfer to the printing plate and offers you the ideal color range for both screens and surfaces from one printing unit. Machine stoppages from dirty screens and complaints about insufficiently covered surfaces are now a thing of the past.


Optimize your print results:

  • Higher line work with anilox roll ruler, without significant volume loss
  • Uniform, homogeneous ink Transfer
  • Combined printing of fine screen (60 L/cm) and high-density surfaces in a single printing unit
  • Unique cell shape improves emptying and cleaning

Please contact our W+D team. We would be happy to advise you and together find the optimal solution for your special printing applications.

Window gummer as a precision tool

It’s often underestimated how important the right usage of an appropriate window gummer in envelope machines is for production. Due to that, you can find some tips for correct storage and installation right here.


Prior to installation:

Before using the new window gummers, it’s important to pay attention to certain aspects

  • the gummer shafts should not have any shaft runout
  • the surface of the gummer should not have any contact to the packaging (this can cause height difference prior to the first use)
  • the gummer should not be placed on a surface prior to installation to also prevent a height difference


During installation:

If the gummer can be pushed too easily onto the shaft, this is a sign of deviations in the

fitting dimensions, which are attributable to wear. Original W+D gummers are produced

with the highest precision and meet these requirements for accuracy.

Your advantages:

  • If all of the above points are considered and there is no problem with the duct roller or the application roller
  • of the adhesive unit, an even transfer of adhesive is guaranteed if the transfer of adhesive is minimal
  • By that, close to the edge rubberizing now enables minimal adhesive consumption and a high-quality standard –
  • even at high speeds


Feel free to contact your W+D contact person in case you have any questions!

Avoiding insertion of double sheets

If your W+D envelope machine sporadically draws in two sheets at a time, we recommend that you do the


1. If the paper sticks together and cannot be separated that easily because the punching burr is too big:

  • Separate the sheets of paper as best you can
  • Re-sharpen the cutting knife/blade of the cutting machine
  • Set the tongues and suction cups to be slightly higher than the basic setting. This will enable the feeder to separate the sheets better

2. If the sheets stick together with preprinted paper because the ink isn’t dry yet:

  • Separate the sheets of paper as best you can
  • Allow the ink to dry
  • Set the tongues and suction cups to be slightly higher than the basic setting. This will enable the feeder to separate the sheets better

3. If the vacuum of the suction cups is too strong, which is usually the case with thin/permeable paper:

  • Run the vacuum of the suction cups by using the control valve so that it doesn’t permanently create suction, see operating instructions
  • Use suction cups with smaller holes
  • Reduce the vacuum

USPS Irresistible Mail™ Contest 4th Quarter Mailing of 20,000 Pieces Uses New Trophy Shape-Cut Envelope

The USPS “Irresistible Mail™” quarterly contest reminder mailed on March 10th, 2017 used a trophy shape on the trailing edge of the outer envelope mail piece.  W+D North America (Lenexa, KS) and ANRO Inc. (West Chester, PA) were thrilled to deliver on the challenge of developing a physical mail piece that would both “stand out” and meet all USPS automation requirements.  ANRO lead the creative for the 6 x 9-1/2 outer envelope with a novel trailing edge “trophy” shape and a “blueprint for victory” coffee scented inspirational insert. 


The envelopes were then converted on the new W+D 410 Easy Enveloper, a machine featuring W+D’s complete cut flex die system enabling the matching trophy shape on the face and back panel while keeping within the critical height-aspect ratios and paper tolerances needed for postal automation and inline patch foiling that gives the look of hot stamped foil at only 10% of the cost.  The USPS Pricing & Classification Service Center “determined that the pieces are automation compatible” per case letter #82489.


The 20,000 piece mailing entered the mail stream on March 10th with three outer envelope conditions: silver foil leaves, gold foil leaves and printed leaves with a poly window. To request an Irresistible Mail™ final quarter 6 x 9-1/2 booklet sample with the trailing edge trophy and coffee scented insert please reach out to Brook Spaulding, W+D North America (+1 913-563-8718 cell or or Carlyle Bauer (+1 610-235-0298).