Our Face Mask Segment

The is capable of producing up to 1 million disposable surgical masks per day. 
The W+D/BICMA hygiene group has developed a new fully automatic, high-speed face mask converting line with a lower cost mask design using recycable materials.

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Our own face mask production in Neuwied/Mayen offers type IIR surgical masks (EN 14683):

Our 3 layered CE certified medical face mask minimises the transmission of exhaled bacteria and particles by filtering them particularly well. The spray guard on the outside of the mask grants in addition a protection from saliva, blood and other body fluids intruding from other persons. A pliable nose bow ensures a comfortable fit even for wearers of glasses and improves the safety of the surgical mask.

We offer 2 versions:

  1. low budget face masks with separate ear loops to install and reuse, EN 14683:2019 - type II
    minimum order quantity: 1,500 masks per box.
  2. face masks with two head loops, more comfortable if worn for longer periods (medical personnel, etc.), EN 14683 - type IIR
    minimum order quantity: 902 masks per box.



  • Smooth, comfortable fit with pliable nose bow (less fogging on glasses)
  • Odorless
  • type II and IIR
  • EN 14683 and CE certified
  • Bacterial filtering (BFE): ≥98 %
  • Breathability: < 60 Pa/cm², high airflow
  • Splash resistance to penetration: ≥ 16,0 kPa
  • Microbial cleanliness (bioburden): ≤30 cfu/g
  • Made in Germany

More information on our masks

Please send your inquiry for boxes and palets to:

Heike Werner, T: +49 2651 9429434

Melanie Krey, T: +49 2631 84 345.

Smaller amounts of less than 902 masks are available at the following company:

Geisbüsch Industrietechnischer Bedarf GmbH

Biersberg 1

56736 Kottenheim

T: +49 2651 90929-16.