Two-lane handkerchief converting, packaging and bundling system

The tissue and hygiene industry faces ever-increasing challenges. Evolving market demands, stricter regulations, and rising supply chain costs are only part of the story. To meet the needs of today’s business, W+D has specifically developed W+D FLOWTOS, a highly innovative production system that marks the beginning of a new era for the paper tissue industry. W+D FLOWTOS is the industry’s most innovative 2-lane paper handkerchief production and packaging solution. It features new, ground-breaking W+D FLOW-wrap single packaging technology as well as high-performance, servo motor technology for higher dynamic response and shorter cycles.


  • New, cutting-edge W+D FLOW-wrap technology
  • Integrated W+D MasterCut® technology and quick-change knife-roller for precise foil perforation
  • Separate smoothing and embossing section for superior quality
  • Output levels of up to 4.600 sheets per minute
  • Folded handkerchiefs made from two-, three- or four-ply tissue


  • Minimum change-over times between compact and standard folded products
  • Easy accessibility for operation, cleaning and Maintenance
  • Reduce your environmental footprint