SLC Smart Upgrade

In the course of technical interface progress, some components for the machine control system in W+D machines, such as modules and communication cards, are no longer available. Our suppliers have either discontinued their production or replaced them with other components that are not 1:1 compatible with existing hardware.

This applies to the SLC 500 PLC system installed in older W+D 102, W+D 202, W+D 326, W+D 341, W+D 349, W+D 627 and Classic machine types as well as to W+D 191 and the TetraFlex printing tower PLC system.

Of course, we have also developed solutions for this. Depending on the type and age of your machine, we are able to offer you various levels of an SLC Upgrade.

In order to maintain your system’s productivity into the future and to prevent possible failures due to machine control errors, we recommend a timely SLC Smart Upgrade.


Your advantages:

  • Modernization of the PLC system and easy replacement of future discontinued components (modular)
  • Conversion of network structure to modern Ethernet, integrating the connection to the W+D Expert Online for quick troubleshooting with remote access
  • Possible control panel (HMI) replacement with a modern Expert Online-capable HMI for better error analysis support with W+D Remote Support


Our technology department would be glad to provide you with a quote for an SLC Smart Upgrade tailored to your W+D machine. Please contact your W+D representative.

Replacement parts for the reflection light sensor K 4.717.94

Unfortunately, the reflection light sensor K 4.717.94 with its components K 4.717.95 evaluation electronics and light guide with optics K 4.717.96 and K4.717.97 is no longer available. It is used in most older W+D machines for electronical paper monitoring.


There are several ways to replace this light sensor:

  • K 4.721.41.06 60 mm sensing range with the connector M8
  • K 4.721.42.02 20 mm sensing range with a cable and the plug M8
  • K4.721.42.06 60 mm sensing range with a cable and the plug M8

You can use the following cables:

  • K 4.721.01 socket M8 with open cable ends
  • K 4.721.11 female angled M8 with open cable ends
  • K 4.721.39.06 socket M8 on a PREH connector
  • An M 4.3122.0 adapter cable is recommended for the initial connection of K 4.721.39.06.

You may order these parts directly via our Web shop or Sales Team!

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