W+D BB820

20K pph - the next level of high-productivity inserting systems dedicated to direct mail sizes

Efficient. Intelligent. Future-proof. These are the most important attributes of the high-performance insertion system W+D BB820.

The machine reliably inserts any direct mail shots or documents for dispatch. With up to 20,000 cycles/h, even unusual inserts in the most common format range from DL to C5 (in the US formats #7 3/4, #10, to 6 x 9 and Stretch Brokerage) can be processed with just one operator.

With multiple personalized mailings, the auto mismatch recovery supports the 1-operator concept, minimizes manual interventions and therefore also machine stops, and ensures a high net output. Adjusting the configuration to the tasks at any time will give you the security of being able to react flexibly to upcoming tasks in the future too.

Consistent modularity ensures quick and easy exchange of the feeders within and between the machines of the W+D BB700 and BB820 series.


Features and Advantages

  • Processing of up to 20,000 envelopes per hour in the usual format range in direct mail or sending documents.
  • Flexible use of various feeder technologies − also interchangeable between the insertion systems of the BB700 S2 and BB820 series.
  • Product feed with two driver fingers for reliable product guidance.
  • Recipe memory as well as servo technology and toolless adjustments guarantee the shortest changeover times.
  • High productivity − even in the case of challenging materials and applications − thanks to a high tolerance for products and envelopes that extends even to Express or cardboard envelopes.
  • Multiple reading options for complex personalized mailings.
  • The patented automatic auto mismatch recovery – also for the envelope feeder – guarantees maximum productivity and processing reliability for multiple personalized mailings
  • New touch screen control panel with the BSC 4.0 operating system for a comprehensive overview and detailed reporting at job and mailpiece level
  • Special modules e.g. for card attachment or printing on the feeder
  • Consistent modularity allows adaptation to new requirements and creates security for your investment in the future too.
  • Processing of comprehensive vote-by-mail applications

Additional modules





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