Tissue Module

Replacement for machine type 624

Replacement modules for handkerchief machines 624.00, 624.01, 624.02 and 624.03

We definitely advise you to play it safe!

Replace certain modules before you experience unplanned machine downtime and the associated loss of production due to wear and tear (e.g. damage to bearings, clogged vacuum channels or worn sealing surfaces of the control valves). Reduce downtime to about three days by taking these steps and include the replacement of the respective modules in your preventive maintenance schedule.


We will provide you with a completely refurbished replacement unit at a fixed price as an original value repair. It will even be preassembled and all of the settings will be preset to the maximum possible extent. A 12-month warranty for the replacement module that begins on the date that the module is delivered on
will be granted.


From now on, W+D offers the following replacement modules at fixed prices for the following machine types: 624.00, 624.01, 624.02 and 624.03.

  • Cutting module
  • Folding cylinder (without format parts)
  • Stacking cylinder

The original value repair includes the following:

  • Disassembly of the module
  • Measurement of the components
  • Completely new bearings
  • Grinding or replacement of the sealing surfaces of the vacuum control valves
  • Thorough cleaning of all components
  • Refurbishment of the bearing seats (if necessary)
  • Installation of new knifes (cross cutters)
  • Assembly and presettings

Your benefits:

  • Planning of machine downtime to occur during production-free times
  • Significantly lower downtime than with unplanned machine breakdowns due to damaged bearing, etc.
  • No additional unplanned production downtime
  • Fixed price for repairs
  • Reduction of machine downtime through preventive replacement of the sections
  • 50% lower assembly costs possible
  • Warranty on replacement modules