Tape Applicator

The Tape Applicator is designed in such a way that partial or full surface pre-glued adhesive tape can be applied in different lengths to a wide variety of different types of packages. It is ideally suited for applying sealing tape to different resealable packaging types such as tissue packages, for example.

This system can be considered more environmentally-friendly than label applicators or marking devices too because no waste in the form of backing materials such as siliconized paper is produced. Furthermore, these pre-glued materials are more cost-effective than labels and thus make the packaged product more competitive.

The Tape Applicator meets the highest demands for efficiency and is therefore ideally suited as an option to a label applicator for the tissue product line W+D FLOWTOS.


  • A separate module that is small in size and included the respective drives and electrical components
  • Excellent accessibility and operability due to cantilever operating modules
  • Stepless positioning of the tapes while the machine is still running, both along the side and in the running direction
  • Quick and easy setup of repeat orders due to a “recipe box” for products
  • Quick and easy threading of the tape track
  • “Tape stop” with balancing in the event of missing products and production stops – therefore no tape sections inside the machine


  • Continuous production during roll change procedure – no downtimes during changes
  • Gentle, continuous single pack in-feed due to a special designed link conveyor
  • No separate vacuum pump required
  • Processing of inexpensive raw materials
  • Lowest possible material waste – protects the environment
  • Retroactive integration into existing machines (W+D FLOWTOS, for example) possible