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W+D Halm i-Jet also establishes in Europe

Mail Solutions

The W+D Halm i-Jet 2 premiered at the W+D’s Direct Mail Days 2018 in Neuwied. Mayer-Kuvert-network GmbH was from the start excited about the inkjet digital print press for envelopes. The company invested in its future and bought 10 of these high-speed machines for their locations spread all over Europe (see map).

Though some areas on the map are still grey now, we work to color more of them purple soon, together with our content customers. So, here are just five facts about the W+D Halm i-Jet 2:

  1. high-quality digital printing (1600 x 1375 dpi)
  2. quick and easy job changes
  3. ideal for small and medium runs
  4. minimum waste
  5. printing on embossed paper without losing quality

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