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VENTUS-TI: New facial tissue and towel interfolder

Hygiene Solutions

The VENTUS-TI is the new solution for high-speed production of interfolded facial tissue and towel products. High productivity, flexibility, and easy maintenance allow maximum efficiency.

Handkerchiefs, facial tissues and paper towel products accompany us in life and fulfill our needs for hygiene and skin care. For decades, we have been setting benchmarks as a global leader in tissue handkerchief production technology. We offer the fastest and most efficient machines to convert and wrap highest-quality handkerchiefs.

The new VENTUS-TI inherits the expertise and enhances the facial tissue product production capabilities of its predecessor, the W+D 619, but goes even further by broadening the possible product assortment capabilities to also include paper towel products. Machines with deckle widths of up to 2.900 mm are available.


  • Is more sustainable than its predecessor
  • Uses a new energy saving vacuum folding technology
  • Design provides the well-known flexibility
  • Allows later upgrades of the machine which makes it also sustainable by its longevity

The flexible design of the VENTUS-TI renders a quick cut-off length changeover which provides the possibility of producing several product options within a short time period. Especially the smart and simplified “SmartTouch” HMI Design facilitates the operation of the interfolder system and immensely relieves the operator´s everyday work life.

Produce the best tissue fold with the new VENTUS-TI.
For inquiries and further information please contact:

Americas: sales.nonwoven(at)pcmc.com

Rest of world: sales.hygiene(at)w-d.de