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Creating a system for less waste in hygiene products

Hygiene Solutions

Saving approx. 85 % of single-wrap material

Get inspired by our concept for more sustainable products, focusing on the replacement of the typical PE single-wrap pouch for menstrual or incontinence pads. By applying technology from W+D’s high-speed handkerchief machines, we have developed a system for creating a small count of three to five folded products, wrapped in a reclosable pouch. With up to 300 ministacks per minute, the capacity of this product’s production system far exceeds the speed of typical hygiene bagfillers. Wrapping material can include classic PE film, recycled film, as well as paper or other bio-based materials.


„Single-wrap for menstrual or incontinence pads causes an average of roughly 25 Mio sqm of pouchfilm per year per production line. It is time to make a quantum leap, by introducing new wrapping concepts, avoiding plastic wasteand reducing the overall consumption of material.“

Marc Wolpers, VP Sales & Market Development Hygiene Solutions, W+D

W+D TO-GO Ministack

The TO-GO Ministack concept is suitable for menstrual-care and light-incontinence care products of all regions and markets. It can be retrofitted to existing production lines, and provides the option to run folded products also without any wrapping.

Your benefits:

  • Replaces single-wrap by a small-count wrap
  • Reduces wrapping material by up to 85 %
  • Cuts down product costs
  • Provides added consumer benefit
  • Suitable for all regions and markets

Meet the Hygiene Solutions section of the
BW Converting Solutions Platform at INDEX 2023

To learn more about W+D’s solutions for sustainability in the hygiene market, visit us at INDEX (April 18-21) in Geneva, stand 2580. Receive a free ticket from us valid for the entire event: sales.hygiene(at)w-d.de