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Adult Care

Adult diapers, pants and bed underpads make the lives of caregivers and the life of patients easier and more independent. The variety of products requires tailor-made adult diaper machines. Our knowledge and close customer relations allow us to present the right solution to ensure a competitive, reliable and cost-effective production set-up.


Adult Diaper

Adult Pants

Bed Pad

Classical Institutional Products up to Ultrathin Disposable Underwear

  • Variety of Core Designs, Core Numbers and Core Features
  • Variety of Diaper Shapes e.g. traditional, T-shape, H-shape, Belts, Anatomical Side Panels and Pants
  • Specific Adult-Incontinence Processes
  • Customized Product Features
  • Comfort and Fit Product Features as per latest Market Trends
  • Machine Option to combine Open Diapers and Pants
  • Machine Option to combine Open Diapers and Shaped Pads
  • Underpad machine