W+D Remote Support

W+D UMTS-Router

W+D UMTS-Router


Independent and secure online support for industrial machines

Secure connections to the control systems of your machines and equipment allow for fast online access in the event of a technical problem and for remote maintenance. To ensure that your machines retain access to remote diagnosis capabilities even without wired networks, W+D now offers a mobile VPN router. This is based on a 3G cellular modem and meets the highest requirements in the industrial sector.


Basic equipment:

  • mGuard rs2000 3G consisting of a bidirectional firewall, an NAT router and a VPN router (IPsec encrypted)
  • W+D security software and a security certificate
  • AES-256 encrypted hardware with the highest security standard


Your benefits:

  • Independent of LAN cables and IT infrastructure 
  • Highly secure connection to systems or individual machines
  • No unauthorized access to your company network due to an autonomous VPN tunnel
  • Access to separately ordered quick W+D Remote Support
  • Easy installation in existing cabinets 
  • Unlimited connectivity via GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA2000* 
  • 2 SIM plug slots for broader coverage* by the mobile operator** 
  • Data rate of up to 14.4 Mbit/s in download**

* Please check first whether you have sufficient wireless coverage where your machines are located.

** Additional costs will be incurred for services from your mobile network Provider.



W+D Expert Online Monitoring

We are now able to offer you our W+D Expert Online Monitoring program for the length of your
contract period when you sign up for an individual package for W+D Remote Support. With W+D Expert Online Monitoring, we will check the VPN connection between your machine and W+D Remote Service in regular intervals.
If the connection is interrupted, we will inform you of this immediately and help you to solve the problem very quickly.