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W+D Service Connect

W+D Service Connect - the digital companion für your maintenance and repair experts

First presentation at drupa 2016 in Dusseldorf!

W+D Service Connect is the ideal mobile companion for your maintenance and repair experts. Accessible at any time, it helps you to digitally answer specific questions that pertain to your W+D machine very quickly in a targeted manner and serves as a perfect complement to W+D Remote Support Service.

The W+D Service Connect package consists of a high-quality tablet that can store the user manual, the spare parts catalog and the circuit diagrams for your W+D machine. Furthermore, a specially developed W+D Help Wizard will assist you in identifying minor technical problems on your own and in resolving these by showing you videos and providing step-by-step instructions.

But if you ever do need help, you can reach W+D Service conveniently and easily via the Connect functions. Simply make calls directly to our W+D Remote experts by using the headset and the phone features of the tablet and send them photos and videos in “real time.”

Your benefits:

  • Quick and easy searching for information in the operating instructions
  • Quick and easy searching for spare and replacement parts
  • Quick and easy troubleshooting via the W+D Help Wizard
  • Create your own Help Wizards by using texts, pictures and videos
  • Easy and comfortable help over the phone, chat or whiteboard functions
  • All documentations are easily available online in digital form for your machine
  • A number of search functions in the documents will help you to search for information
  • Easy troubleshooting by using the W+D Help Wizard that is created individually for you
  • The Help Wizard database can be extended in any way by simply adding your own texts, photos and Videos

Display options on the Service Connect tablet:

  • Current speed of the machine (envelopes/minute)
  • Currently pending error messages
  • Quick access to the W+D Help Wizard in the event of error messages


Your “Connect” possibilities with W+D Service:

Chat function (In preparation, the end of 2016)

Write us: Use the chat function to submit information quickly and clearly to W+D, e.g. IP addresses, phone numbers, serial numbers, etc..


Highlight the area: With the whiteboard feature, you can conveniently and easily mark and share detailed photos of the machine with us.

Call us

Talk to us: Make calls conveniently, directly and safely to our W+D online experts without incurring local fees.


Scope of the Service Connect tablet:

  • High Quality tablet with charger
  • Wireless Bluetooth headset with noise cancellation

Individual, optional scope:

  • Digital user manual
  • Integrated W+D parts catalogue
  • WLAN access to the control and drive system
  • Library with W+D Help Wizards

Compatible with the series:

W+D 410 Easy Enveloper

Other machines upon request


Expert Online Access

Connect Package consisting of WLAN router and industrial PC