W+D Repair

W+D Knife resharpening service

Knife resharpening service

Full service from a single source

With the "all around carefree package," the resharpening of your knives is performed on a frequent basis. Effective immediately, we would be happy to take care of mailing, resharpening and returning your knives. You would then receive a transport box and a label for the knives. As soon as the next resharpening cycle comes around, all you have to do is provide the freight company with the respective number of the mailing label and the box for the pick up.

Products included

  • SolidCut- und MasterCut cutting knives

Your benefits

  • Full service from a single source
  • Reduced throughput times to four to five days
  • High planing security
  • Easy to manage

Customer Testimonial

Mail Solutions Inc.
Telord, Shropshire, UK

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