Switch cabinet update for W+D 619 and W+D 624 machines

A new solution from W+D as integrated systems provider is offering updates for our W+D 619 and W+D 624 tissue production machines. The quickening pace of hardware and software is by now no secret to anyone, and though W+D’s hygiene machines enjoy a long life, they are not spared from developments in demand. W+D is now able to replace older motors and controls with more modern units and software that meet today’s needs.

Our company has developed a modern solution with a range of features to take advantage of to ensure that the W+D 619 interfolding machine for facial tissue production and the W+D 624 tissue production machine continue producing as smoothly as possible. W+D’s update includes a completely new switch cabinet, replacing all servomotors and cabling. A practical large operating display equipped with touch functions is designed to optimize operation and ease of use, while modern software extends the machines’ diagnostic capabilities such as W+D Remote Support for quick online help.