Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program

Preventive maintenance

This is the daily maintenance and inspection that can be performed to help you retain the healthy condition of your equipment and prevent deterioration.You can consult our W+D Service & Solutions team to see how they can help you properly schedule maintenance work, helping you reduce unnecessary repairs and unexpected machine failure – and prolong the life of your assets.

The W+D predictive maintenance solution employs fully certified service personnel who are fully equipped to make informed assessments about the health of your machines. With the aid of high-speed cameras, they perform inspection and maintenance checks as well as balancing diagnostics to make data-driven decisions that enable you to improve quality, productivity and profitability.

Arrange for a consultation with one of our experts today and discover how a W+D maintenance service level agreement (SLA) can help you:


  • Increase plant productivity
  • Reduce overall costs of your operations
  • Lower your total maintenance costs
  • Enjoy the flexibility of fixed (flat-rate) maintenance costs according to your production load
  • Maximize machine uptime, minimize downtime and increase productivity and cost efficiency
  • Extend the lifetime of your equipment and accessories
  • Gain transparency and accurate information of your maintenance status