W+D Mail Solutions Story

Empowering the Envelope – Success Factors for Direct Mail
A direct mailing in an envelope is capable of competing with electronic communication. In most cases, however, physical and online media complement each other. A direct mailing is the preferred media form for advertisers interested in maximizing the return on their marketing expenditures. The following effect of one-to-one marketing using a physical mailing and an envelope has been documented:

  • The recipient remembers it longer
  • It has the highest opening and reading rate 

Furthermore, the recipient considers it to be of high quality and it leaves a positive impression.
Mailings in real envelopes thus increase the value of the marketing message quite significantly!

Empowering the Envelope – Time to Mailbox
The current challenge is to reduce the development and production time of a postal marketing message. It is not only important to manufacture the envelope quickly and efficiently, however, but also to perform inserting in a customized manner as quickly as possible. In other words, the goal is to drastically reduce time to mailbox! In addition, advertisers also expect efficient solutions that not only increase the advertising effect of the envelope by employing a certain degree of personalization and individualization, but also the perceived value of the mailing by printing in high-quality, embossing, perforating, etc.

W+D Mail Solutions – Empowering the Envelope
Thanks to our solutions that cover the entire value creation chain in the mailing, we do our part to contribute to reducing time to mailbox for direct mailings and open up enormous additional productivity potential for our customers. With our core competencies in envelope manufacturing, printing and inserting we contribute to the future of the envelope through productivity increases, higher quality of the end product and increases in flexibility by offering innovative solutions.
The vision and goal of W+D Mail Solutions are clear: To produce revolutionary solutions that reinforce the importance of the envelope and to master the future challenges of direct mailing efficiently, reliably and quickly. Here, W+D supports its customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their machines by offering advice on the most appropriate production material, installation of the system and even customized training courses. Furthermore, we also offer spare parts and conversion solutions, including further development/updating of existing machines to ensure that they are capable of handling today's production requirements.

W+D Mail Solutions – Value Chain
As the world’s leading technology and system solutions partner, W+D offers envelope-based system solutions for the entire production chain of a mailing, from its production to printing and inserting into envelopes and pockets.

W+D thus offers its customers:

  • Envelopes that appear to be of greater importance by integrating processing steps such as printing, perforating, die cutting, embossing and much more
  • Higher productivity with their current machines or contributions to higher overall productivity by using the latest state-of-the-art production materials
  • Contributions to downstream productivity by increasing the quality / consistency of envelopes / inserts in production
  • Acceleration of throughput times in producing a mailing and higher flexibility by assisting with process integration

As a W+D customer, you now have the chance to:

  • Increase your share of the value creation with respect to the product “mailing.”
  • Extend value creation levels and even become a complete service provider
  • Achieve both forward and backward integration within the production chain by working with one and the same knowledgeable partner