W+D TIprint 4dL

The four color inline/front of line print technology for W+D BB700 S2 envelope inserting systems

The W+D TIprint 4dL is the four color digital print module for front of line selective and one-to-one personalised overprint of envelopes inline with the W+D BB700 S2 envelope inserting System.


  • Autoloader for envelopes
  • Envelope feeder RF2K with double detection and miss control and additional device for envelope flap opening
  • Vacuum transport section with inkjet printing section and integrated vacuum pump
  • Inkjet print head, IMPIKA, 108 mm (4 1/4") or 220 mm (8 5/8")
  • Electrical lifting device for print head
  • Electrical and mechanicial interface to W+D BB700 S2
  • Operator interface BSC 3.0 with 15'' touch Screen
  • HPSW High performance software for soft start and empty mode, integrated into W+D BB700 S2 missed envelope compensation Software
  • Chilling unit for print head


  • Highest and consistent print quality as printing on empty envelope
  • Full print coverage regardless of format - DL (#10) or C5 (6'' x 9'') 
  • Extended print coverage - by printing on front and seal flap