W+D RF2-BF XL Rotary Feeder Familiy

Flexible feeder for standard and C4 portrait applications

The servo-driven W+D RF2-BF XL feeder family offers a wide range of processing possibilities for W+D inserting systems. It reliably processes flexible materials such as single sheets, brochures, wrap-folded products, stickers and return envelopes. The feeder family perfectly matches each W+D Inserting System. It can process open edge enclosures in running direction – ‘Italian fold’ – as well as closed edge towards operator or drive side, parallel to running
direction. The feeder can also be placed at 90° to running direction or in left version against the running


  • The servo driven W+D XL Rotary Feeder family is very reliable for paper weighing 70 g/m² and more
  • Separation from below using the common sucker/gripper mechanism, enables feeder refilling while the machine is running
  • Bottom feeding materials enables reloading on the run
  • Batch feeding functionality
  • Auto mismatch recovery functionality


  • High productivity
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to adjust and understand
  • Quick changing
  • Universal across a wide product range
  • Each feeder is individually adjustable during operation