W+D BB550 XL

The expanded format spectrum and the processing of packaging thicknesses up to 25 mm are the main features of the W+D BB550 XL envelope inserting system. The servo-driven machine does not only process all formats from C6/DL and B4, but also large envelopes with a larger insertion depth up to C4 shipping pockets with the flap on the short side. The second main feature of the W+D BB550 XL is its expanded packaging strength of up to 25 mm. The W+D BB550 XL is thus a highly efficient and flexible inserting system that meets all requirements. Equipped with the operating system BSC 3.0, it is ideal for use in insurance applications and mailings that can now be inserted mechanically instead of manually. It not only efficiently inserts large and small runs of personalized and confidential documents, however, but is optimal for use by direct mail service providers and for fulfillment and packaging applications as well. A hand-held station is also available for the W+D BB550 XL.    In addition, the W+D BB550 XL easily handles cardboard and express envelopes (FedEx, UPS, etc.) and can be equipped with hot glue to close the flaps.


  • Mechanical performance:  12,000 envelopes per hour
  • Envelope formats:
    min. 105 x 162 mm, max. 250* x 353 mm (landscape),
    min. 229 x 162 mm, max. 353 x 250 mm (pocket format)
    Height of the closing flap: 20-60 mm
  • Product formats: 
    min. 80 x 105 mm, max. 229 x 324 mm (landscape),
    min. 210 x 148 mm, max. 310 x 229 mm (pocket format)
  • Product thickness: 1-10 mm for the catalog feeder variable
  • Total product thickness max. 25 mm
* max. filling depth 335 mm with an open closing flap of up to 40 mm


User-friendliness, various processing options and its speed and reliability make the W+D BB550 XL one of the most versatile and efficient envelope inserting systems on the market.Safe inserting even with multiple personalization.
  • The closing flap can be positioned at the long or short edge of the envelope
  • Extremely high net productivity when processing C4, C5 and DL formats
  • Minimal downtime during changeover, less than 10 minutes
  • Processability of low quality enclosures
  • High residual market value due to robust and modular design
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • The automated error handling feature of the W+D BB550 XL significantly increases net output while the machine is still running.

New: the CF2 catalog feeder

In addition to the familiar, reliable W+D rotary, shuttle and friction feeders, the W+D BB550 XL can also be equipped with our new CF2 catalog feeder. The CF2 not only reliably processes products up to 10mm, but also products of various thicknesses in the range 1 – 10mm without having to make any changeovers. It thus meets today‘s requirements in the area of print-on-demand, from stapled insurance policies to photo books.