W+D BB300

Our most flexible system

The W+D BB300 is a highly flexible system which offers you a wide variety of application possiblities. This system allows you to process all common DIN formats as well as special formats such as square or creative envelopes.The huge variety of feeders offers you the ability to process different inserts like CDs, product samples or plastic cards. This gives you the advantage of unmatched competitiveness.


  • Mechanical performance: 10,000 envelopes per hour
  • Envelope formats: min. 105 x 162 mm, max. 250 x 353 mm
  • Product formats: min. 100 x 148 mm, max. 229 x 324 mm
  • Product thickness: min. single sheet 80 g/m², max. 13 mm


  • High net output as a result of the intelligent control system (e.g. automated error handling)
  • Huge format variety for envelopes and inserts
  • Modular design which allows for an easy expansion and reconfiguration of the system
  • Excellent user-friendliness and minimal maintenance and service costs
  • Heavy duty design - guaranteed long life cycle