W+D 410 Easy Enveloper - Envelope production of the future

The new generation of envelope machines: easy to operate and for short-run direct mail envelope production

The W+D 410 Easy Enveloper produces high-quality envelopes for direct mail extremely easily: Modern touch screens allow for intuitive operation of the machine. Extensive help menus and step-by-step instructions on setting or changing the machine support the operator in every situation. The revised or newly designed cutting and folding stations allow for formats to be changed almost without any tools - by a single operator.

The W+D 410 Easy Enveloper is the perfect choice whenever you want to produce smaller runs or process offset or inkjet pre-printed sheets without markings into envelopes very quickly and flexibly. The format range from C6 to B5 and #9 to 6x9 for US formats fully covers the vast majority of envelopes that are used in direct mailings. 

W+D 410 i  -  1:1 Personalization as an integral part of envelope production

Because we consider personalization to be an essential part of envelope production today, we have further developed the W+D 410 in this direction: The W+D 410 i Easy Enveloper is the first envelope production system with the ability to process and monitor digitally preprinted rectangular sheets or blanks with 1:1 personalization.

Strategically placed cameras scan the mail IDs on the personalized and digitally printed sheets or blanks. On this basis, a status report for each envelope, produced or not produced, is provided at the end - whereby the W+D 410 i operates with extremely low waste.

The report for envelopes that have not been produced can subsequently be used for printing missing mail IDs and producing missing inserts.

Included in the report for the mail IDs of correctly produced envelopes are the addresses used in specific campaigns and the envelopes with mail IDs passed on to the envelope inserting service or inserting system. The report can also be used for producing the exact number of required inserts, or in the case of personalized products, for printing inserts corresponding to the mail IDs.

Inline embossing for further finishing

Embossing station for the use of inexpensive photopolymer embossing plates for further refinement of the envelopes with full-surface or spot embossing in one pass. The modular design of the W+D 410 offers a wide choice of finishing options. In addition to inline flexo printing and windowing, options also include direct paper embossing to increase the haptic experience.

The optional embosser is suitable for the use of more cost-effective photopolymer embossing plates. It can also be used for further envelope finishing by whole surface or spot embossing during the production process.


  • Up to 30,000 envelopes per hour
  • Envelope formats from C6 to B5 or #7 3/4" to 6 x 9 1/2"
  • All product types
  • Total machine range:

    US: 3 27/32” x 6 15/16” to 6 3/₈” x 9 27/32”

    EU: 98 x 162 mm to 176 x 250 mm

  • Inserting style envelopes with inside and outside flaps
  • Single or multiple windows or large format windows
  • EasyCut® magnet cylinder technology for format, window and complete cuts
  • All types of seal gumming: Seal flaps with remoistenable and self-seal gumming, pressure sensitive gumming (hot melt)
  • Integrated safety hoods provide noise protection
  • “Push to Service” button automatically sends an e-mail with a diagnostic report to W+D Service and initiates online help
  • Extensive help functions directly on the operator Panel



  • Single operator with no prior envelope adjusting experience required
  • High-quality envelope production from pre-printed (offset or inkjet) rectangular paper stock without scuffing and marking
  • Extremely fast, and easy job changes under 30 minutes using modern touch screen and only a few change tools.

  • Machine set-up with fewer than 500 rectangular sheets.

  • Minimal waste generated in a machine jam enables running variable data digital material with confidence

  • Scuff/mark free conversion of pre-printed stock (even coated and digitally printed stocks).

  • Automated processes make operation much easier, therefore the machine is particularly well suited for beginners
  • Clear operating menus including step-by-step instructions, for example on how to change formats or analyze problems
  • Compact, ergonomic design

Standard components

  • Quick change feed tables for blanks or rectangular Sheets
  • EasyCut® magnet cylinder technology
  • Roller gumming for side flaps
  • Waste reduction through intelligent servo drive technology
  • Two control panels as a touch screen monitor
  • Extensive help menus integrated into the operating software
  • Completely enclosed machine for personal and noise protection
  • Vacuum pumps and blowers
  • Suction aggregates for paper and window material
  • Connection to W+D Expert Online (free of cost during the warranty period)

Optional components

  • 1:1 Personalization as an integral part of envelope production
  • Inline embossing for further finishing
  • Flexo printing units for inside and outside printing
  • Quick change secondary feed table to also handle pre-cut envelope blanks
  • Folding device for outside side flaps
  • 2nd window station
  • Embossing station
  • Nozzle gumming for side flaps
  • Hot melt Peel-and-Seal-section
  • W+D machine cameras (for monitoring the material flow at the drying section and during window gumming)
  • W+D LED strobe light (for monitoring the closing station closing flap)

Additional modules:

W+D 914 Pack Assist

W+D 190 splicing module

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